Mussennore Rosato

Mussennore Rosé is a rose wine made from pure grapes vinified in white.

100% Cannonau
Harvesting period: October
Wine’s vintage: 2020
Fermentation: spontaneous
Grape ripening: 8-12 months
Alchool volume: 12,5%
Serving temperature: 12°
Bottles produced: 500

Organoleptic profile

Colour: tending to cherry-red
Scent of wine: fruity and floral hints
Taste: freshness and sapidity, as two Mamoiada’s typical features


From vineyard to glass, we collect the grapes by hand and put them to a short maceration. Just two hours after pressing the grapes, we transfer the product into stainless steel tanks where it rests for about eight/twelve months. It is finally bottled and aged for an additional month.