Mussennore Rosato

Mussennore Rosé is a rose wine made from pure grapes vinified in white.

100% Cannonau
Harvesting period: September/October
Fermentation: spontaneous
Grape ripening: 8-10 months, steel
Alchool volume: 12%
Serving temperature: 12°

Organoleptic profile

Colour: cherry-red
Scent of wine: fruity and floral hints
Taste: freshness and sapidity, as two Mamoiada’s typical features


We macerate the grapes for a short period of time after carefully selecting and gathering them by hand. After pressing the grapes, we transfer the product into stainless steel tanks where it rests for about eight to ten months. Two additional months are needed to refine Mussennore Rosé in the bottle after it has been bottled.

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