100% Cannonau
Harvesting period: October
Wine’s vintage: 2019
Fermentation: spontaneous, 20 days
Grape ripening: 7-8 months
Alchool volume: 15,5%
Serving temperature: 18-20°
Bottles produced: 2000

Organoleptic profile

Colour: dark and deep garnet red
Scent of wine: hints of ripe red fruits with toasted notes
Taste: pleasing aroma of thick tannins, pleasant acidity and balanced taste with intense full-bodied taste.


For our Cannonau Mussennore, we pick the finest grapes from a 45 year old vineyard and vinificate them. The must fermented for 20 days to give our wine a deep and dark color. The wine rests for seven-eight months in oak barrels and bottle aging follows for about three months.